I don't understand what's up with those terrorists targeting Sinai for the last two years since the so-called Egyptian "revolution" started. I mean that's too much really... Blowing up the gas pipes to Israel, committing terror in Israel passing thru the Sinai to Eilat, and now killing Egyptian men at breakfast time in the middle of Ramadan.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood is actually blaming it on Israel!! What nonsense in the world is that? Israel actually warned weeks earlier about terrorists planning to attack and no one in Egypt cared to pay attention to the warnings!

Israel has always tried to help and be friendly but over more than thirty years of "peace" Egyptians never saw it as anything but an enemy.

I don't understand why Egyptians can't see that their real enemy is not Israel but that the enemy is right there in Egypt, calling itself the "Muslim Brotherhood." Egyptians need to wake up and see that their real enemy that has infiltrated their whole infrastructure and culture was, is, and will always be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

KSA has succeeded over the years to turn Egypt from one of the most accepting and liberal countries in the world into a hateful fundamentalist society.

I still personally support total friendly relations and cooperation with Israel to fight terrorism in the Sinai for Egypt's and Israel's mutual benefit. But whom am I talking to? Will anyone listen? I doubt.