Egyptians like to think that they're the best in the world, but my question is "what for?" It's understandable that the inhabitants of a country would have pride in their country for one reason or the other, but when all you've got to be proud of is some 6,000 or so year old history then you're doomed. If all your pride is in your past while you do nothing in the present in order to have a better future, then you're holding on to basically nothing in reality and you'd end up in the world's biggest trash can; the past won't be of any help, then.

What is there to be proud of at present? Absolutely nothing. Nothing, period. No industry, no home-made technology, nothing at all. Egypt makes nothing, it imports everything. What do we add to our world? Nothing. We always take and never give.

We import technology, computers, cars, planes, cell phones, it's endless... And, in return, all we hold on to is some 1,400 or so year old dead morals.

Double standards: take pride in the pharaohs, but teach and promote bedouin morals. How pathetic! You guys need to understand that the ways of 1,400 years ago are of no use in today's world.