I've been living a life of confusion for many years now about what's right and what's wrong; about the existence or non-existence of God; about many questions following the one of God's existence. Why was I born into this life in the first place? I didn't choose that. I didn't and don't think i would have chosen to live such a life full of confusion.

Is God there or is he not? Should i be Muslim or Christian or Jewish or Baha'i or what?

Why was i born in this specific time period when most of what goes on in my head seems to be forbidden? I'm even forbidden of just ending this whole misery. It is a misery to me when I am expected to be things i don't think i can be, or things that i just don't know if i should be or not.

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Baha'is, atheists, agnostics, gays, lesbians, straights, bisexuals, asexuals, transsexuals. These are just a few of the many religious and sexual groups in this world. How can you tell who's right and who's wrong? Who has this right? Why does God prefer specific groups and reject others?

Life is quite a confusing thing, life is full of confusion that it's hard to set specific rules for it.

It's even more confusing to die, because you never know what happens next, so it is also scary. When I think about this it just feels like I don't know what to do really. Life and death are both full of unanswered questions.

Will I live again after dying, or will I live a totally different type of life, or will I vanish? Will I meet God after death or will I not? Will I go to heaven or hell, or neither?