It's been about 30 years now since Egypt and Israel signed their famous historic peace treaty, but, from a normal friendship aspect, did any kind of real change happen in the everyday relations between the two countries?

Egypt makes it very hard for Egyptians to visit their Israeli peaceful neighbor (come on, people, it's been damn peaceful for quarter a century and more), while Israelis are very much free to visit Egypt, because apparently it is okay with Israel that Israelis come to Egypt for vacation every now and then.

On the other hand, it seems to be a really big deal for Egypt if an Egyptian ever thinks of paying a little visit to an Israeli friend on the other side of the border (that is if there is a chance to make an Israeli friend, in the first place). Israel has always been a big red limit for the normal Egyptians to ever think of paying a visit to. Why is Egypt always scaring Egyptians from Israel and the Israelis? Why isn't any step of a normal relationship on Israel's part given the chance to occur?

Why does Egypt deal with Israel any worse than it would deal with India, or Canada, or Turkmenistan for instance? Why is Israel always seen as a threat, or at least shown to the public as a little red devil that no-one should ever approach or think of approaching?

Why do you need to get a special governmental permission to visit Israel? No, seriously, why the hell?