A homosexual friend has been living a difficult life, especially these days, he says. He told me that one day, as he was thinking about his miserable life, he just started writing about how he felt. And he asked me if I'd post it on my blog, in his name. I agreed.

This is what he'd written:

"I had too much problems with my family especially in the last couple of weeks because I'm gay. I guess being gay is starting to stress me because of the problems i had with my uncle, aunt, dad, stepdad and mother this last month. Now i have mixed thoughts about my homosexuality, i keep telling myself i did not choose this and i deserve to be accepted like anybody else, and most of the time i totally understand this fact and am convinced with it. But then i sometimes start having negative thoughts about it, to the extent that i actually looked a couple of times at a couple of those ex-gay propaganda websites. My stepdad encourages me that i'll pass thru thisand that im going on the "right path", even though to this moment i don't know which path is right. I'm not scared of my family, but they're expecting me to be going on the right path to curing my homosexuality or something, and i don't believe this is happening or will ever happen.

"I'm gay and i don't feel like changing, nor do i feel that this is ever possible, but then this is causing me too much problems with my family, which stresses me altogether. My life is so full of shit these days, i don't know what to do.

"Sometimes i think of leaving the country, but then how would this ever happen, and do i really have or want to live in a country other than mine? Why me? Why do i either live a fucked up life in my country or leave my country? Both options aren't the greatest. I have to choose between two options neither of which i feel i want.

"Sometimes i wish i was never born to live such a life, i never have the courage for suicide and whenever i think of it i know i wouldn't really have the courage to actually do it, but i simply wish i wasn't born, or maybe born anything but human."