Translated from Arabic by: Mamdu Schauki

When would Muslims understand that what they hold as holy and sacred are things that mean totally nothing to others? Bearing in mind that those others outnumber them many times; at least there are twice as many Christians, and twice as many who do not even believe in the monotheistic Invisible being.

You must understand that billions of people that outnumber you do not accept what you hymn everyday as holy words of God, but they would stop for a while at it, as to mock day and night, for instance, "To whom does God pray on the prophet?" and a million other such examples. And no word games are good enough to explain to them how the scary ego of Muhammad and his funny glorification of himself got you that easy.

You have to understand that to billions of people, and they all have hands, feet, and brains like you, or of course better than you, the prophet of mercy is nothing but a serial killer, womanizer, and someone who's fond of pedophilia. No-one can understand a justification to all these behaviors on his part. The faithful minority of them wonders how God couldn't find a better person in the world than such a man to make a prophet. As for the vast secular majority, they only see that these are attributes that would take a normal person to jail, if not to the gallows, and do not make of him a holy prophet. And, in general, the phrases of holification that you say about the Master of the people of the Earth mean not a thing to them whatsoever.

Take it easy. This doesn't mean that you leave Islam and believe in Christianity, and it doesn't mean that you leave Islam and believe in no religion. It simply means: take it easy. Just don't get too angry, and learn for once - as a matter of change - to listen and not to shout. It is all just an opinion, no more, no less. And from now on, you miserable Muslims need to coexist with what's being said about you in this global village, after centuries of knowing even nothing about what's going on in it. Now it's no-more an option to shut your ears to what's being said about you. Instead of demonstrating, go work like the Indians and the Chinese, or if we quote from Naguib Mahfouz: just "go die."