How would you feel if an old friend dumps you like you're a piece of crap? Well, this happened to me. But no! No-one does that to me... well go fuck yourself you fucking peace of crap, and you know who you are... You're such a big liar and actor...

How liberal of you to call your 4- or 5-year friend a perverted faggot, you fucking son of a slutty whore! The perverted faggot is better than your momma's fucker you son of a bitch!

Member of a secular, liberal party... well, secular and liberal MY ASS! You're no secular, no liberal... more than anything else: you're a low animal who admires his crotch.

In the general view, tho, this gives me no hope whatsoever that any positive change will occur in this country before 5000 years or so, as long as people like that "person" fill it like that.

I go to the party HQ for the weekly meeting, and all I see are a bunch of liars, really as much as I would love for Egypt to be a secular country where human rights and dignity are reserved, i see NO HOPE for such a dream to come true... If someone calls HIS LONG-TIME FRIEND a perverted faggot, then I can see the amount of respect gay people, for instance, will get if he holds power, so LIBERAL MY ASS!

It is indeed a big shock, and will make me think many times before i believe the presumed lies people tend to show about themselves when you meet them.