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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I believe there's been a huge misunderstanding here. I'm not Ms. Wafaa Sultan, I'm Mamdu Schauki. I tend to agree with almost everything Wafaa Sultan says, and that is why I translated a couple of her speeches.. This is not the personal site of Dr. Wafaa Sultan, though I do not mind anybody sending her personal messages here, but do not expect a reply from her...

This blog is written and managed by me (Mamdu Schauki).

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اشتري المنتجات الدنماركية: دافع عن حريتك

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

هذه الشجرة الدنماركية تحمل رسالة إلى المسلمين!

من Faith Freedom International

ها هي قائمة جزئية من المنتجات الدنماركية (ليس بالضرورة أن تكون كل المنتجات المذكورة تباع داخل بلدك):

1. الزبدة

- زبدة يوركشاير
- آنكور
- لورپاك

2. حليب/قشدة

- كراڤندال پورفيلتر®
- لاكتوفري
- هينت أوڤ كراڤندال
- آنكور قشدة حليب حقيقية

3. الجبن

- ديسكاڤر
- روزنبورج
- جبنة آنكور

4. البيرة

- كارلزبرج

5. البسكوت

- رويال دانسك بَــتر كوكيز
- كــْيــِـلدسن بَــتر كوكيز
- ومعظم ماركات البسكوت بالزبدة.

والمزيد من المنتجات الدنماركية لتضيفوها إلى قائمة مشترياتكم:

جبنة هارڤاتي الدنماركية
بيرة كارلزبرج و- توبورج.
White Clover and Holland Farm
اشتروا الپورسلين الدنماركي الخلاب وألعاب ليجو LEGO للأطفال.

زوروا Danish.com لشراء المزيد من المنتجات الدنماركية، وأيضا Danelink.com.

ابحثوا في جوجل عن "منتجات دنماركية"
أو "Danish products" للعثور على المزيد منها.

المزيد من المنتجات الدنماركية في: http://www.x-it-dk.com

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Buy Danish Products: Save Your Freedom

Monday, February 13, 2006

This Danish tree has a message for the Muslims!

from Faith Freedom International

The publication of cartoon caricatures by Denmark 's Jyllands-Posten of the Prophet Muhammad has created a shitstorm among Muslim countries and it is getting out of hand.

Background, if you are unfamiliar:






While it is good to see other media outlets around Europe showing solidarity with Jyllands-Posten by publishing the images, Denmark is currently getting hit by a strong economic sanction through the means of a boycott on all Danish products by Muslim nations. This has already led to Danish companies having to lay off staff due to the economic impact since this furor started in late September 2005.

Punishing Danish businesses through a boycott of all Danish goods, thus hurting Danes unrelated to the newspaper, is very unfortunate.

They have a right to protest and to boycott, but they cannot expect to impose their religious beliefs/sensitivities upon free countries and free media outlets, ESPECIALLY THROUGH THREATS OF VIOLENCE. Masked gunmen raided the office of the European Union in Palestine in protest. Islamic groups in Pakistan and Chechnya have called for violence. While Chechen Islamists were non-specific, Pakistani groups have offered a reward of 5000 Kroners for the murder of each of the cartoonists. As if that were not enough, the Jyllands-Posten staffs have received death threats and their office building was recently evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Muslim leaders are falling over each other in making themselves look absolutely foolish by demanding an apology from the Danish government and asking the government to "punish" the newspaper. These folks are unable to grasp the concept that the media is independent of the government.

We need to stand with the Danes in their hour of need against this economic and ideological onslaught. This is about freedom of the press and the freedom of expression enshrined in democracies. It cannot, and should not, bow to religious pressure. Especially when no human rights were violated, no blood spilt and no innocent Muslims threatened or harmed.

Therefore I urge you to buy Danish products at every opportunity you get. Giving the Islamists the upper hand in this economic conflict will only embolden them to up the ante in the future where imposing their norms upon others is concerned.

Here is a partial list of Danish products (not all may be available in your place of residence...the really obvious ones are at the bottom of the list):

NOTE: Almost all food items are exported by ARLA FOODS or an ARLA FOODS local subsidiary...will be listed in the product description.

1. Butter


2. Milk/Cream

-ANCHOR Real Dairy Cream

3. Cheese

-ANCHOR cheese

4. Beer


5. Cookies


-pretty much almost any brand of butter cookies, really.

6. A whole range of other consumer goods ( UK folks can buy it online):


7. Electronic Goods:


Thanks in advance for supporting a free society against those that seek to curtail freedom.

Please send this message to everyone in your address book and if you know of other Danish products please let me know to add to this page. Send your email to faithfreedom3 at yahoo.com

Here are more Danish products to add to your shopping list:

Danish Havarti cheese

Carlsberg and Tuborg Beers.

Arla owns White Clover Dairy, a Wisconsin company so buy that brand. It comes under White Clover and Holland Farm.

Danish Crown hams ( DAK (sold at Sam clubs)... baby back ribs, because they come from Denmark.

You shop online at The Danish Foodshop and Danish Deli Foods.

You can also buy gorgious Danish porcelain and LEGO for the kids.

In Danish.com you can find information about Danish Furniture, Danish Travel and more.

Order Danish woolen delight online.

Try also Danelink.com

Google "Danish products" and find a host of other products.

If you are an importer, try products made in Denmark. Here is were you get information Danishexporters.dk

other danish products at: http://www.x-it-dk.com/

Remember saving Denmark means saving your freedom. Buy Danish products as an act of patriotism and feel proud of having soldiered the cause of freedom. Do not let the Islamist goons have the last laughter. Defeat them by showing your solidarity with Danish people.

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