A Christian young man is made to convert to Islam by manipulation or otherwise (which is not the issue). Later on, he decides that Islam is no more his piece of cake and reverts to Christianity. Islamists threaten to take his life so he runs for his life to a church.

This is the circulating scenario of a play that's been showing inside Mar Girgis (Saint George) Church in Alexandria, Egypt. Some 3,000 Muslims gathered in front of the church for the last week and committed terrible acts of violence and insults and slurs, throwing stones, giving no respect whatsoever to what Christians take as a sacred place of worship. Why? The protesters say the play is offensive to Islam.

It is indeed offensive. Yeah, pretty much disturbing and offensive! But that's not the play's fault, though. If anything is offensive, it's the fact that the apostates of Islam should be put to the sword according to Hadith and Koran. The play doesn't offend Islam; it's Islam that's offending itself and offending Muslims.

Muslims wake up! Don't blame the church for your problems. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I'll tell you what happened: there's no such thing as freedom of speech here.

Christians have always been offended in Egypt. They've always been expected to turn the other cheek, and they have done that for a long time. Christians have been called "infidels" and "worshippers of gods besides God" in mosques and on TV. Why do Muslims think they can offend anybody but no-one should dare talk about Islam?