This is a translation of general parts of the article "Discriminating against Shiites in the era of Mubarak" by Dr. Saadeddine Ibraheem.

Translated by: Mamdu Schauki

During the three years I spent in the prisons of President Hosni Mubarak (2000-2003) I noticed a persistent and repetitive phenomenon: a "State security" case accompanied with a huge media propaganda, where a group of people (most of which are youth) are arrested, brought into one of the Tora Prisons - three of which I have personally experienced - and charged with big offenses. If proven guilty, the "offenders" are sentenced to 3 ~ 25 years in jail. The funny part is that most of those offenses, if not all of them, turn out in the end to be fake, lacking of good evidence, or the laws that criminalize them are unconstitutional. And during my stay at the Tora Prisons, I witnessed of this type of cases the following: the case of the devil-worshippers, case of the supporters of Sheika (Priestess) Manal, the gay men case, the Koranists case, case of the Sunna-deniers, and the case of the Shiite organization.


But why have cases of this type doubled in the era of Hosni Mubarak? The answer lies in the military-natured rule that Mubarak inherited after the assassination of President Sadat only to make it into a Police-natured one.


Dear Sirs in Lazoghli; Nasr City; and the Presidential Palace: stop chasing human beings by reasons of feelings and beliefs. These are matters of personal being and conscience that only God is entitled to judge.