This presidential election in Egypt is a very funny "masra7eya" (play)! A dictatorship cannot just switch into a democracy, the same way a cat can't become a mouse.

Here's what i think:

- THE CANDIDATES are hilarious people, stupid and pathetic (e.g. Ahmad el-Sabbahi), very rude and dictators themselves (e.g. Noaman Goma), which makes you think they were probably all chosen by the current system to play the roles of the candidates.

- MUBARAK wants even more power, it's never enough for him, even if he has to abuse the minds and hearts of Egyptians, and their traditions, to propagate for himself.

- RELIGIOUS LEADERS have never been uglier, lower people than they are now. They are using their religious authority in favor of Mubarak, and also abusing the fact that people trust them as leaders of the religious communities.

- NO INTERNATIONAL SUPERVISION. They say it with much pride: "no foreign interference in Egypt's business!" Well who the fuck are they fooling?! This is not "just another" presidential election somewhere in the world; it is an election that everybody knows by heart will be screwed. So without "foreign interference" this election is just hoax.