I'm not really sure what I'm feeling now toward Sayed el-Qimni. Is it disappointment at his submission to a low, dirty threat? Or is it sympathy with him?

Sayed el-Qimni is (was?) very critical of Islam. He was an enlighted freethinker. He thought he could speak his mind on paper and publicize his thoughts. It all seemed okay to him.

Last week, though, something happened that drastically changed that; He received an email from the Islamic Gihad (Jihad) Group of Egypt ordering him to consider all his previous work trash, and threatening to murder him if he didn't.

Sayed el-Qimni submitted to their threat. He wrote a publicity declaring all his previous work trash, as if it never existed, and declared that he would no-more continue writing. All his sharply-critical books and articles in the Egyptian magazine of Rozal Youssef are now nothing but a sum of crap, to him (or, more understandingly-speaking: the terrified him).

Afterall, no-one can blame him for not wanting his life taken away for him and his children being fatherless.

What happened is a terrible, sad shock to freethinkers everywhere.

First it was Theo van Gogh, and now it's Sayed el-Qimni. But, for now, this question remains unanswered: Until when will freethinkers face the threat of death by the hands of low, dirty closed-brained people?