I think that its time for that Arab illusion to vanish really. If we are to have an affiliation with other countries this should not be built on illusion (i.e. the Arab illusion). By the way, Lebanese and Syrians are not really Arabs either.

Some people long ago created that Arab lie and believed it: WE WANT TO DESTRTOY that lie, and restore each country's original, real identity. Actually Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Lybia, Sudan, Syria, Palestinian Authority, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and many other "arab" countries are really not arab whatsoever!

Egypt is mostly Eastern Hamitic, according to statistics (Hamitic races in Egypt include Egyptian , Berber, and other). Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia are also mostly other Hamitic. Lebanon, Syria, and PA are Phoenician. Djibouti, Somalia, and Sudan are African countries. All those countries are illogically forced to identify as Arab, the identity of the people of the Arab Peninsula. Isn't that terrible?! Why don't we even join an Pan-North-African Union or something? Or maybe a Big Middle East, as Bush calls it?