"Mother Egypt" is Egypt's first secular, Egyptianist party. We are currently holding meetings every Friday and Monday where we discuss a different topic each time. Party members are people with very interesting and unique thoughts.

During the discussion about Israel, everybody said that they don't believe Israel poses a direct threat on Egypt anymore, and that Egypt should totally and completely normalize relations with Israel. The current ruling party, some said, used the "Palestinian cause" to remain in power for as long as possible. The "Palestinian cause" is often portrayed as more important than our own aching Egyptian "causes"! It's already time to stop fooling everybody and start having real, serious peace with our Israeli neighbors.

Arab League
Party members all agree (and this is in our official "program" booklet) that the so-called Arab League is useless... We think of it as just another way the "Arab" dictators steal their peoples' money and effort, for no obvious return over more than 50 years. On the other hand, Egypt should really leave that league for good, because Egyptians are not and have never been "Arab"!

Mother Egypt Youth
Soon I'll be starting the new "Mother Egypt Youth" website, where young people in the party will write articles on different issues that concern Egypt. All articles will be written in the MEL (= Modern Egyptian Language, or, in a more politically-correct way: Egyptian Arabic [!])

If you think you'd like to know more about the party, join it, or just support its causes, you can join our Yahoo! group.