When religious extremist thoughts are left unnoticed, the result is Cairo's last two weeks. In less than a month, a suicide bomb in the Alazhar neighborhood, another in Tahrir Square, and shooting in the Saïda Aïcha area.

The following is an imaginary story:

Hassan is an average Egyptian citizen. He's not a religious person. Well, that was in the past; last year he decided to start keeping his five daily prayers, plus the Friday prayers. Forget about the daily prayers now. Every Friday he went to the neighborhood mosque, attended the Friday sermon followed by the short prayer. Within a period of three months he had made many friends from the mosque. Then he and his mosque fellows started attending the optional religious "course" that follows the Friday prayer. Life goes on and one day he blows himself up in the middle of a tourist-attracting part of Cairo. What caused this? No-one knows. Is it something that developed in the mosque? If yes (and it's probably a 'yes'), then, what do they learn in the religious courses? Why did Hassan always notice one more girl getting out of the other side of the mosque deciding to live completely-covered for the rest of her life? I won't answer these questions.

Extremist Islamist thoughts are like a bunch of worms eating your whole body until you end up dead, and proud of it!