After the 1997 terrorist attack in Luxor, Egypt, terrorism really didn't "come to an end" as some would think. Egypt didn't turn into a safe haven suddenly, no. Terrorism can never stop as long as Egypt remains a dictatorship. Terrorism is like a big plastic bag. You fill it with shit, shit, and more shit, until it explodes letting out all the shit that you filled it with.

When the people in a country are treated like shit, their reactions could be very bad. Mubarak's régime was wrong when they believed they got everything under control. They were very wrong! The people of Egypt are fed up. No-one can ever stop a people's revolution.

The terrorist attack that took place in Khan il-Khalili last Thursday was terrible, but it was expected.

The régime will probably try to relate the attack to the great popular pro-democracy, anti-Mubarak protests that have been taking place since December 2004, and try to stop them. But, Mubarak must know that his days ruling Egypt are countable. He is leaving. Soon.