by The Free Egyptians

Tony Blair once said that leaders of small countries pay too many visits to big countries only to impress their downtrodden peoples with the pictures taken of them standing next to leaders of superpowers.

Mubarak is in France now not only to have his picture taken standing next to his friend Chirac. He is there to secretly negotiate possible safe passage and asylum terms for himself and his family. Ailing Mubarak is now convinced that he is losing the race with time to instate his son as president of Egypt.

Deceitful Mubarak paid his Syrian protégé a short visit before going to France to lead the world to believe that he was going to France to mediate between Syria and the West, not to seek asylum. While in France, hypocritical Mubarak did not omit to threaten the US government of dire consequences should it decide to attack Iran. Though there has never been any lost romance between Egypt and Iran throughout history, Mubarak is suddenly presenting himself to the world as the protector and lover of Iran. But, why this sudden change of heart, or rather overreaction, on part of old Mubarak?

For a small bribe from Saddam, Mubarak in 1983-87 did not only supply Iraq with Sarin and other chemical weapons, he sent his CBW experts to help their Iraqi counterparts set up the infamous Iraqi chemical and biological weapons producing plant near Baghdad. Much worse, for heftier bribes and more lucrative arms deals, Mubarak ordered his air force to bombard Iranian troops with a variety of chemical and biological weapons. Egyptian warplanes also took part in the gassing of Kurds and Shiites of Iraq. It is noteworthy that Mubarak gassed Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia (Nejran and Jazan) in early 1960s as wing commander and Umm Dorman in northern Sudan in late 60s as squadron leader. After Iran-Iraq war was over, Saddam became of no use to Mubarak. In fact, Mubarak wanted to get rid of Saddam because Saddam knew too much. That was why Mubarak 'conspired' against and 'betrayed' Saddam overtly in the first gulf war and covertly in the second. It was Mubarak who incited the US government to attack and occupy Iraq in the second gulf war with the idea of removing Saddam from power. He even offered the US the 'evidence' that Saddam possessed WMD. Also, Mubarak provided the US with the 'evidence' that Saddam was behind 9/11.

Mubarak is aware of the fact that he would be a sitting duck living in exile. He could be prosecuted or hunted down as war criminal by Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia or/and Iraq. Ailing Mubarak is sure that he may not live long enough to see that day?