Legend: "{Mamdu}" = me, "{X-person}" = the person I'm chatting with (anonymous).

Italicized words are in Egyptian.

{Mamdu} some people think i have an agenda
{X-person} u seem to have an agenda yes
{Mamdu} yeah Bad7ak Gamed Awi i do [sarcastically]
{Mamdu} heheheheheheh
{X-person} what do u think about the Hariri incident?
{Mamdu} i want this country to be secular, thats my agenda
{X-person} what do u think about the Hariri incident?
{Mamdu} its too bad
{Mamdu} bas good that the lebanese want independence from syria
{Mamdu} syria zahha2et ommohom ya 3amm. howa bel 3AFIA?
{X-person} what does that have to do with anything?
{X-person} are you buying that lie?
{X-person} syria had nothing to do with the explosion
{Mamdu} i know that quite well
{Mamdu} but its still a nice twist
{Mamdu} syria should leave lebanon alone!
{Mamdu} yes, talakeek
{Mamdu} bas (=but) syria deserves it. it shud leave lebanon alone!
{Mamdu} wel 7okuma beta3et libnan now is 3omala le suria
{Mamdu} émile lahoud da
{Mamdu} saibeen liban keda lel syrians to fuck around with
{X-person} so u want more us intereference in the region
{X-person} u want the US to invade syria
{Mamdu} ana atbeden neek law masr ta7t saitaret surya ya3ni ya akhi!
{Mamdu} no, but international pressure indeed comes in handy for the lebanese
{Mamdu} and inchallah for Egypt too, that mubarak shit régime for 24 years!
{X-person} so ur agenda isnt really secularism
{X-person} but anarchism
{X-person} nihilism
{X-person} u are angry at Islam
{X-person} and your vlield sister
{Mamdu} well, secularism and modernism, like we used to be
{Mamdu} that 1952 shit fucked us up and still is
{X-person} and u want the whole nation to destroy those things with u
{Mamdu} we used to be a very different thing
{Mamdu} muslims, jews, christians, bahais, atheists, everybody living peacefully together
{Mamdu} and there was more acceptance of the other
{Mamdu} and there was a lot more liberalism
{Mamdu} bas (= but) its all in the past
{Mamdu} the 1952 cout d'état fucked us up. it destroyed all that
{Mamdu} my agenda is that egypt returs to how it was before
{Mamdu} for this to happen we need many things, including secularism
{Mamdu} i dont claim that egypt wasnt an islamic country; but practically it was just secular
{Mamdu} they didnt ban religious books
{Mamdu} example: Taha Hussein's book "في الشعر الجاهلي"
{Mamdu} now al azhar has a lot of nufooz, that was untrue before
{Mamdu} now al azhar bans books, bans liberal books
{Mamdu} kefaya dictatoreya deeneya ba2a
{X-person} I am with u
{Mamdu} w kefaya LAKHBATA
{Mamdu} Egypt is just a piece of lakhbata now
{X-person} but still I think u r silly to think that foreign interference is a good thing
{Mamdu} the system is just un describable
{Mamdu} its a bit of everything wrapped up together
{X-person} ya3ni (= I mean) we should resist that
{X-person} change comes from inside
{Mamdu} X-person, i am just being realistic
{Mamdu} the revolution is currently evolving
{X-person} u r just giving up
{Mamdu} theres the "movement for change"
{X-person} u think Syria deserves to be fucked by the US
{X-person} and that is giving up
{Mamdu} but, our opponent has the money, the power, and the army
{X-person} anyway
{Mamdu} the system can finish everything with rashwa (= bribery) and killing
{X-person} bedtime for me
{X-person} sleep well
{Mamdu} there should be both foreing and local pressure