Today, at my university, English 101 class, there was actually a short discussion going on about "how women are 'portrayed' in the media" and all that shit. And then I heard something about the "exploitation of women's bodies in music video clips", and something about how unfair it is that most of the time women are portrayed as "housewives". And the discussion went on in a very judgmental look at every aspect of it.

First of all, this discussion seemed too dull and unimportant to actually be taking place. There are always too many taboos that you don't really have a choice of what to discuss publicly.

Is the portrayal of women in media really the most important thing to discuss? Get real, for nature's sake! Women don't have as many problems in Egypt as do gays and people arrested and tortured in police stations throughout Egypt for no reason, for example. And they also don't suffer as much prejudice and discrimination as do Christians and other neglected religious minorities, for example. Egypt is on the brink of a lot of shit, and, guess what, those guys were talking about "housewives"!

What else can be so irritating and silly?