UPDATE: GMail interface is now available in 13 different languages.

UPDATE (Apr 1, 2005): Google's GMail service now gives more than 2GB of free storage, and this number is constantly growing (see www.gmail.com and you'll know what I mean).

GMail is Google's new great email service, now with more than 2100 megabytes of free storage, along with many other great features. However, GMail is not yet open to the public and in order to be able to sign up for a free account, you need to receive an invitation from someone who uses GMail.

I have a big number of invitations and I can give them away to readers of The Egypt Blog. There are no catches whatsoever. Just hurry up because things never stay the way they are, the invites may simply vanish all of a sudden, or I may run out of them.

If you want to receive a totally free invitation to GMail, just send me a message (just an blank one, if you mind typing "hi" in the body :->) from the email address where you wish to receive your GMail invitation at. The subject must contain the words "Gmail invitation TEB", not for any reason other than being able to spot them.

Send the e-mail message to and you'll receive an invitation as soon as I receive your email. Remember the subject: "Gmail invitation TEB".

NOTE: Some email providers, like Hotmail and Yahoo!, count emails sent from @gmail.com addresses as SPAM. When you send me the above information please keep checking BOTH your inbox and spam / junkmail / bulkmail folder for the invitation. It is very possible that you'll find it in your spam folder.