Quoted from the ESG Website (click on post title, or here, to go to the site):

"Egypt Shadow Government has been founded by a group of liberal and progressive Egyptians to free Egypt and the rest of the Arab world from the existing brutal, fascist dictatorship and to save them from sinking into a quagmire from which would emerge an even more brutal, absolutist-Supremacist Caliphate regime, that would pose a constant threat to the security of its neighbors, and the entire world.

"The objectives of this shadow government are briefly listed as follows:

"1. Present to the world a model government that can be adopted by all Arab countries.

"2. Build a true parliamentarian democracy in Egypt and inspire the same in all Arab countries in place of the existing military dictatorships.

"3. Secularize Egypt and inspire the same across the Arab world through bettering the standard of living, stamping out corruption and nepotism, ending tyranny, changing and developing education and promoting and supporting exclusively through mass media novel religious views that cast doubt on, counter and prove wrong the doctrines of fatwa (religious ruling), tafseer (science of interpretation of Quran), fiquh (religious science), khilapha (Caliphate), hadith (Mohamed's sayings and doings) and jihad (holy war.)

"4. Prevent jihadis and fascists from monopolizing the mass media and halt all forms of anti-Western, anti-peace and anti-democracy propaganda.

"5. End persecution of and discrimination against Copts and other minority groups in Egypt and other Arab countries.

"6. Bring about peace and stability in the Middle East through normalization of relations with Israel, encouraging other Arab countries to do the same and urging the Palestinians, Saudis and Syrians to free themselves from their war mogul dictators.

"7. Establish friendly, transparent, straightforward and honest relations with all nations.

"8. Free and reform the economy, open up to the world and enter into free trade agreements with other nations.

"9. Tackle the problem of population explosion by banning child labor for being the main cause of this problem which is economic in nature. A large sector of Egyptian families get more children to earn more money by sending all their children to work in the cotton fields, workshops, factories and in rich people's home as servants. In effect, ESG will issue child protection act which makes education compulsory for children under 18 years of age and also makes it a felony that parents use their children as their own slaves or bread winners."

—Egypt Shadow Government, (link)