Irshad Manji's "The Trouble with Islam Today"

Monday, November 29, 2004

Irshad Manji quoted:

The trouble with Islam is...

As I see it, the trouble with Islam is that individual lives are too small and the lies we tell to excuse that fact are too big. Neither has to be the case under a compassionate and merciful God, as Muslims like to describe Allah. The Trouble with Islam, then, is a plea for all of us, as citizens of the world, to help Islam fulfill its glorious humanitarian potential, so that we all gain in diversity, dignity and security.

At the beginning of my book, I call myself a "Muslim Refusenik". That doesn't mean I refuse to be a Muslim; it means that I refuse to join an army of automatons in the name of God.

In that spirit, I'm asking Muslims in the West a very basic question: Will we remain spiritually infantile, caving to cultural pressures to clam up and conform, or will we mature into full-fledged citizens, defending the very pluralism that allows us to be in this part of the world in the first place?

My question for non-Muslims is equally basic: Will you succumb to the intimidation of being called "racists," or will you finally challenge us Muslims to take responsibility for our role in what ails Islam?

The Trouble with Islam is a wake-up call for honesty and change on everybody's part. Through the book and this website, let's create conversations where none existed before.

Read the Arabic edition of The Trouble with Islam Today available for FREE on Irshad Manji's website. Click here
اقرأ الطبعة العربية لكتاب الخلل في الإسلام وهي متاحة للتحميل والقراءة مجانـًا من على موقع إرشاد منجي. أنقر هنا

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Watch "Submission" now!

Friday, November 19, 2004

UPDATE3: You can now watch Submission on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's blog.
UPDATE2: A 3-min. clip of Submission can now be found at iFilm.
UPDATE1: iFilm announced that they were no-longer allowed to show Submission on their site.

Now you can watch the film that Theo van Gogh was killed by extremists for.

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh (yes, that van Gogh) was killed November 2, 2004, by a 26-year-old extremist Muslim of Dutch-Moroccan descent. The current theory is that he was taken down for his critical look at the treatment of Muslim women. It's not a documentary, but a metaphorical look at the harsh realities of their lives. (In English with Dutch subtitles.)

The film's screenwriter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, grew up an upper-class Muslim in Somalia. In '92 she escaped to the Netherlands, mastered the language and attended university to study political science. Now a politician, she has received death threats for numerous stances she's taken and activities she's undertaken. But as a self-proclaimed ex-Muslim, she has taken it upon herself to make the plight of oppressed Muslim women known to the West--and to hopefully end their suffering.

Watch "Submission" now, at:
iFilm (film clip)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Blog

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Israel apologizes for deaths of 3 Egyptian police

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004 Posted: 0810 GMT (1010 CLT)

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli forces shot and killed three Egyptian policemen Wednesday night after mistaking them for a terrorist cell operating near the Egypt-Israel border, according to the Israeli military.

The Israel Defense Forces "apologized to the Egyptians about the incident and have offered whatever help they can," according to an IDF statement.

The soldiers were on the Egyptian side of the border, near the location of a terrorist cell that was laying explosives to attack an Israeli border patrol, the IDF said.

Israeli soldiers opened fire on the cell but did not identify hits. Later, the Israeli army received reports that the three policemen had been killed.

The IDF said that from the initial investigation, "it would seem that there was an operational and professional failure that was based on the incorrect identification of three figures."

The bombs planted by the terrorist cell are being defused by the Israeli forces, amid a deeper investigation into the incident.

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The JCC mourns the death of its president

Monday, November 15, 2004


President of the Jewish Community Council in Cairo
on Monday, 4 October 2004
Burial took place at Bassatine Cemetery the following day
She is survived by her daughters Carmen and Glorice


Présidente de la communauté juive du Caire
en date du 4 octobre 2004.
Les funérailles ont eu lieu au cimetière de Bassatine le lendemain. Elle restera vivante dans le souvenir de ses filles Carmen et Glorice

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It's been a while...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I didn't really find anything to write about for such a long time. But I can't just make something up, you know, just for the sake of keeping the blog, like, "alive".

** :-) (jj). Actually if you guys have blogs too why not check out the Google Adsense thingie? It's nice

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