Living in a Muslim house, going to a university with a Muslim majority, and walking on streets where most people walking are Muslim. This all works as a great pressure on people who have "Muslim" as a religion on their IDs but don't like/want to fast.

It's funny, though, that the pressure is much less when it comes to the five-time daily prayers or the Friday prayer. Even liberal Muslims who seem to be very open-minded to the fact that everyone is individually responsible for his prayers, still feel some kind of dislike to those who do not fast in Ramadan (even though prayer is much, much more important).

Now if that's the case, isn't it weird that someone might care more for fasting than prayer? Or that those who don't preach for prayer preach for fasting? Does that make any sense? Does my loyal friend care for my own good only when it comes to fasting and not when it comes to prayer (even though, again, prayer is the most important Muslim obligation)? This doesn't make any sense in the world!

The only way I personally see it is that some Muslims are teased when they see a non-faster because they would really want a bite of that delicious-looking and -smelling sandwich but their conscience would kill them if they don't fast too.

Hmm, that's all for now!