Here's what I think of some of the Ramadan specials on the Egyptian TV:

Bakkar: Too silly and politicized as usual. The main title song teaches little children that they're more Egyptian if they sing "Biladi" and salute the flag made Egyptian, by force, by Nasser and his fellow gangsters. The gang carried out a series of re-naming to reflect their own political views with no-one really happy with this, like renaming Victoria College to Victory College and Lycée Français Lycée La Liberté.

The people of Egypt never voted to make this the flag of Egypt. The Egyptian flag had been changed two times in the last 50+ years, and Egypt's (official) name once totally removed to be called the United Arab Republic and once changed to the Republic of Egypt and then to The Arab Republic of Egypt (even if this name in particular, and the UAR one, does not make a bit of sense!). Not to mention the whole confusing part of telling kids that they're both Pharaonic and Arab. Is that silly or what?! What exactly is this show about? Poeple coming on TV and saying their friends are silly, talkative, hurried, or ugly. Who gives a fuck?

Hussein 3al Nassya: Third in the Hussein il-Imaam Trilogy (after Hussein 3al Hawa and Hussein Fil Studio), is much worse and less funny than the previous two, and Hussein seems to need to explain each event taking place throughout the show.

Taxi (Candid Camera): It's okay. Still less funny than previous Candid Camera shows. Today's episode was really funny, though.

Advertisements: Too many 0-900 numbers and too much money to win that you can't really believe it's real. Well, that's okay, but the thing is that in Ramadan these ads are on 200 times an hour.