I really can't get it! My mother just told me not to drink any alcohol at home. It's weird how she started to care about that lately even though she and her husband (especially her husband) drink at home too (not as much as they used to a couple of years ago though). I mean why the hell can't I drink if it doesn't directly bother anyone? It doesn't hurt anyone's ass if I drink, does it?

She knows well that I'm not religious and that I don't give a fuck about religion or its rules, and if I were to choose a religion at some point in my life it wouldn't be Islam (which strictly prohibits drinking any amount of any alcoholic drink).

She makes it seem as if religion isn't the issue and starts talking about the law and how it's considered a "crime" if you drink at an age under 21. I think she just gets religious every now and then and tries to impose Islamic arbitrary rules on me for no obvious reasons.