Banning adultery? In Turkey?! Are you kidding me?? So what secularism then! I mean Turkey is supposedly a secular state, then how can this be happening? I don't mean to defend adultery or anything but I just can't accept the idea of banning adultery in a secular state, especially that I read about how unfair the old adultery law was to women.

I'd like to talk a bit about Egypt on the same issue actually. Here we also have a law against adultery, and it, too, is really not fair toward women. If a man sees his wife with another guy in bed he's actually excused by the law and if he kills his wife for it nothing happens to him! Well, he gets a sentence that wouldn't be applied. While a woman who kills her husband for the same thing can be sentenced to up to 15 years! I mean, that's really not fair.

I'm not saying that each should be granted the right to kill the other for adultery in order to be fair. I'm actually saying that neither should be killed and if this happens then the prison sentence should be the same regardless of gender.

Back to Turkey now, I'm totally against an obviously religious party being in power in a country that's supposed to be secular.

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