I don't usually read big thick books, but this one is very different. This book is about everything in Egypt from political corruption, to religious fanaticism and terrorism, to gays and gay bars.

Omaret Yacubian (Jacobian Building) is an old apartment building in Downtown Cairo. It has a long history itself that the book tells a bit about. Reading it, you notice the difference between the people who live in that building and the people who used to dwell in that same building years ago. It symbolizes how Egypt itself and Egyptians changed drastically over the last fifty or more years; how more religious and conservative the people of Egypt have become.

For instance you read that at some point of that change, bars and pubs were forced to change their names and have "restaurant" or "café" written on their front doors, instead of "bar" or pub.

The book talks about the time of the 1952 revolution in Egypt when military men came into power and kicked the King out. Bits and pieces about cosmopolitan Cairo before 1952, where you could find people of diverse backgrounds and religions, and after 1952 when Nasser kicked out foreigners and Jews (which I personally see as a pointless fucked-up thing to do).

Anyway, the really good part of this all, is that a new movie based on this book is being made now, I'm desperately waiting for it!

Buy "Omaret Yaacubian" at the Madbouli Bookstore with branches in Downtown Cairo, and Nasr City.
يمكنكم شراء كتاب "عمارة يعقوبيان" من مكتبة مدبولي بفرعيها في وسط البلد ومدينة نصر