I am an Egyptianist, and I'm one of those people who believe people living in Egypt now are actually related to the race of the ancient Egyptians. I won't really get into the details of this issue. This whole issue doesn't matter afterall. Whether or not Egyptians are Arabs isn't really the issue here.

Sometimes when I get into a conversation with some Egyptians on the issue of our Egyptian identity, I usually see one of the following three reaction depending on the person I'm conversing with: 1. "yes, we are Egyptian not Arab", 2. "no, we're Arabs because we speak Arabic and because Arabs 'opened' (the politically-correct term for 'invaded') Egypt and fucked the Egyptian race out of existence", or 3. "you can't really know, and I don't really give a fuck." And there are also those who just enjoy making the whole thing seem senseless and pointless, as if being Egyptian really gives them a pain in the ass!

Whatever the reaction is, I'm getting a general feeling that Egyptians are always looking for some other identity, whether it be religious, racial, or anything else.