I'm wondering whether the state-supported anti-gay campaign that started 2001 is now over, since there hasn't been any news on this since February 2004. I believe that even if it's not already over, then it must be reaching to its near end. The government must look for another group of people to repress afterall, maybe lesbians or prostitutes next!

The government has many Islamists imprisoned, and I mean many many! They pose a great threat to the mostly-secular, officially-Islamic system. So the government also has to make what you can call a "balance" by arresting "bad" people too. This is a way to indirectly tell Islamists "we are already Islamic and don't need you!" It's also a way to redirect people's attention away from political and economical big problems that Egypt is going thru.

In 1995 they had started a similar campaign agaist Satanists. It ended in 2000, probably because people got used to the issue and it was no-more an exciting thrilling thing to talk about. Then in 2001 they started the anti-gay campaign.

I don't know, hopefully it's over by next year or maybe it's already ended now!